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Welcome to your new journey and membership in Freedom Healthcare Private Healthcare Association! Taking this step means you are focused and ready to take back your life and health at every level. It also means that you have the ability to be a part of the NEW organization that is being built for you and the future! 

Freedom Healthcare membership has been created in several phases.

Core Primary Level includes:

  • Access to special collaboration with UPMA “United Precious Metal Association” and Alpine Gold, for asset protection and “leasing” for a return in Goldbacks, “Gold Savings Account”, Member to Member payment options, and much more. The United Precious Metals Association is a non-profit cooperative, comprised of people worldwide, dedicated to the return and use of sound money.
  • Access to Advanced P5 Health Experience Risk Assessment. P5 Stands for Precision, Preventative, Predictive, Personalized, and Participatory. 
  • Access to the Biblical, world-renown healing course called “For My Life“, that focuses on healing from the spiritual root of diseases.
  • Access to Cancer PEP, with a 50% discount for the 6 month program.
  • Access to current key topics each Wednesday by Freedom Healthcare health experts. New series every month; from Quantum physics/frequency, to hot/cold therapy, nature’s medicine, diets and healthy eating, and more. Check out Wendi’s sample video below!
  • Like-minded Provider health and wellness clinics aligned with Freedom Healthcare’s mission and mindset, can receive a free posting on the Affiliate Provider’s webpage.
  • Access to our Partner Education platforms with member discounts on select education videos and classes
  • Access to the Freedom Healthcare Advocacy Toolkit. Documents specifically created to help you navigate the clinical and hospital experience
  • Access to illness-specific health documents, links, videos, interviews, health food recipes, and more
  • Participate in the “Pure Blood Ministry,” the clean blood database. Register to help yourself or others in a time of need.  
  • Global health information from ​providers, scientists, and researchers from around the world
  • Discount codes from our Affiliate Product Partners
  • Monthly Member emails with highlights on specific Freedom Healthcare updates and topics
  • Become a key participant in the Freedom Healthcare “Dream Team
  • First one thousand Core Primary Level members will be locked in at our introductory Phase One yearly membership rate when Telehealth launches

Freedom Healthcare members will have access to current key topics addressed each Wednesday from health expert Wendi Michelle. Watch Wendi’s video on “Your Best Diet” now and sign up for monthly membership to access all future health topics, videos and documents.

    Phase One includes:

    • Access to Telehealth services and Freedom Healthcare providers.
    • Access to Core level benefits

    Phase Two includes:

    • Freedom Healthcare member-only “Supportive Clinics”
    • Freedom Healthcare member-only Direct Clinics and Urgent Care
    • Access to Core Level Benefits

    Phase Three (COMING SOON) includes:

    • Micro-hospitals and specialty clinics
    • Access to private direct primary care clinics and urgent care
    • Access to Telehealth services
    • Access to Core level benefits

    Phase Four (future plans) includes:

    • Education and training centers
    • Labs and research facilities
    • Nutritional and functional education
    • sports therapy and exercise clinics
    • “Farmacy”

    We are not an insurance company and we do not take traditional insurance or Medicare/Medicaid.  Our health care model is private pay and as such, can make a more affordable option for healthcare. Without insurance company/large medical entity go-betweens, we are creating an affordable option for everyone who wants true choice in healthcare.

    We are a non-profit healthcare ministry and exist on your donations to launch each phase of Freedom Healthcare and administrative oversight. Please take a moment to contribute a one-time or reoccurring donation. We greatly appreciate your support of our organization!

    Advanced P5 Health Experience. Where do you lie on the Chronic Disease Continuum? Your Chronic Disease Temperature is an important objective step in the discovery of the root-causes of chronic diseases or risks. This panel reveals multiple biomarkers of inflammation and disease.

    This $389.00 Freedom Healthcare package includes:

        • 125 question comprehensive health assessment

        • 55 biometric panel of labs for chronic disease risk and health assessment

        • 1 hour consultation with a medical expert on lab interpretation

        • Your “Chronic Disease Temperature” which is a single value that best explains your chronic state of health

        • Two (2) thirty (30) minute follow up appointments with a P5 health coach

        • A detailed, simplified, color-coded lab report that explains how each biomarker identifies major disease categories like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases

        • Summary explaining each biomarker

        • Chart that shows your values compared to optimal values

        • Enrollment in a chronic disease support program that includes weekly live seminars on health topics and Q&A

      Finally, Freedom Healthcare is unique because we offer an eye exam data evaluation for participating Members. This data potentially predicts some of our society’s most feared diseases, namely cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. For example, Harvard Medical School published that supranuclear (cortical) cataracts precede Alzheimer’s disease. Freedom Healthcare and our Partner are the only ones currently performing this preventative screening program. The tests are Optical Coherence Tomography, Slit Lamp Microscopy, Fundus Camera Analysis.

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      Return To Core Primary Level Benefits List

      Partner Education Platforms:

          • Energetic Health Institute – 20% discount on regular priced online education in MY.ENERGETICHEALTHINSTITUTE.ORG. Classes such as Homeopathy 101 and the Art of Cellular Healing.

            • Functional Nurse Academy – 10% discount on self-paced Functional Medicine program. Functional Nurse Academy provides the most comprehensive functional medicine training designed for nurses and includes continuing education hours. 

              • Online education – Freedom Healthcare custom channel, with specifically curated information and education classes with a 10% discount.

                • The Body Healthcare Case-Based Education – Five (5%) percent discounts on: the clinical membership, which includes a newsletter, and up to 5 CME/CEU hours of live interactive sessions with experts from around the country, per month. The non-clinical offering provides the newsletter and two biweekly healthy-lifestyle live interactive sessions with experts from around the country.

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              Freedom Healthcare Advocacy Toolkit. Documents specifically created to help you navigate the clinical and hospital experience. (Freedom Healthcare Advocates available upon request and with donation for assistance in completing documents)

              Documents include:

                  • Patients’ Bill of Rights

                  • Principles of Medical Ethics

                  • Notification to Physician and Hospital of Personal Rights-Affidavit

                  • Medical Power of Attorney

                  • In Hospital Personal Information Check List

                  • Ethics Consult

                  • Informed Consent for Operation or General Procedure

                  • Advance Directive for Covid19

                  • A Declaration of Living Will

                  • Freedom Healthcare Birth Plan

                  • Donated Blood For Myself or Friends and Family Donated Blood

                  • Acknowledgment for Refusing Blood Transfusion or Blood Products for a Minor

                  • Medical Alternatives to Blood

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                Dream Team:

                Become a Freedom Healthcare “Dream Team” Member and create your own peer-to-peer promotion page to help grow the Freedom Healthcare Member base in your city and state. Bring others together to support the creation of a Freedom Healthcare clinic or micro-hospital in your area.with

                FREEDOM HEALTHCARE is proud to announce a significant collaboration for our Members with UPMA “United Precious Metals Association” and Alpine Gold. As we look at the present and to the future of helping our Members be able to pay for unseen healthcare issues and protect their assets, this collaboration will fulfill multiple needs as our healthcare system moves forward. Benefits for Freedom Healthcare Members with UPMA are as follows:

                • Ability to purchase precious metals for financial protection.
                • Ability to store assets in protected vaults.
                • Ability to access deposits at anytime.
                • Ability to “lease” your fully insured deposits and put them to work for an interest “return” in the form of Goldbacks. Put your assets to work!
                • Ability to have a gold “debit card” for use during the month based on your assets. 
                • Create a “Gold Savings Account” that protects your assets for future “unforeseen” health issues.
                • Like an “HSA”, this “GSA” allows you to save assets for future needs, but within the private Freedom Healthcare Association. 
                • Must be a Freedom Healthcare Monthly Donor Member to access this collaboration. 

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