Freedom Healthcare Supportive Clinics

Members of the “Family Expansion Plan”

Freedom Healthcare is proud to introduce Freedom Healthcare “Supportive Clinics” across America. Supportive Clinics are aligned with Freedom Healthcare’s mission and goals to bring nature-based healing and true “Spirit-Mind-Body” focused “whole-istic” wellness. Supportive Clinics are non-profit private membership ministerial associations and reside under the Freedom Healthcare umbrella of services but are autonomous and unique in what type of treatment modalities they offer their Members.


New Members of Supportive Clinics will benefit from not only the clinic’s desire to help members restore health, but Freedom Healthcare’s growing number of vast resources:

Advocacy Toolkit

Affiliate Products

Enhanced Risk Assessment

Concierge Advocates

Health Library

Online Education

Pure Blood Ministry

Supportive Clinics will also have the opportunity to help other providers jump-start clinics by participating in the Freedom Healthcare “Apprenticeship Incubators”.

Join the community of believers in freedom of choice and achieve a NEW “Standard of Health”.

Interested in Starting a new Freedom Healthcare Clinic or Autonomous “Supportive Clinic” in your city?

Are you a Physician or Provider ready to exit the current “sick” system of medical care?

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