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➡️ Why Freedom Healthcare?

Freedom Healthcare was launched as a result of the current “healthcare” systems need to focus on a “fix” of a problem, instead of getting to the root cause, foundational issue around an individual’s health. The current system simply provides drugs for an ailment, where with Freedom Healthcare we will work to help you get back to your foundational health by looking at health the way God intended it to be.

➡️ Where are Freedom Healthcare direct primary care clinics being built?

Right now all our efforts are for fundraising donations to jump start Telehealth countrywide, then the first clinics. Clinics will be built in areas where people want to get involved and help raise donations for a clinic in their city/state. This new healthcare system is for the people, by the people and it will take all of us to make it a reality! Large and small donations alike are needed, so please click HERE to donate and reoccurring donations are greatly appreciated.

➡️ What is the Cost to become a member?

We have our Membership fees on our MEMBERSHIP tab. Our healthcare model will be private pay only and will not take traditional health insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. We won’t be under government control by being subject to their rules determined by taking government money. We also believe without having the government, insurance companies or large health institution “middlemen”, we will be able to make healthcare more affordable and with better choices specifically for your needs.

➡️ Is there an application to complete to become a member?

Yes, visit our MEMBERSHIP tab. Click on REGISTER to sign our Confidentiality and Membership Agreements. If you would like to work for Freedom Healthcare, click HERE to complete a Staff Application. As we launch each Phase of Freedom Healthcare, we will reach out to those that fit the immediate needs.

➡️ What is telehealth?

Telehealth lets your practitioner provide care for you without an in-person office visit. Telehealth is done primarily online with internet access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

➡️ Are you a nature-based and health-focused provider and want to join our family of practitioners and staff?

We are taking staff applications for all positions across the country, so please click HERE to put your application in for future reference.

➡️ How can you get involved and help Freedom Healthcare?

We are looking for individuals who believe in freedom of choice in healthcare and against the current system of thrusting pharma-based drugs as solutions. We need volunteers in each city to help get the word out about Freedom Healthcare and be involved with launching clinics and micro-hospitals in your city. Click HERE to fill out a volunteer application.

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