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Freedom Healthcare is welcoming like-minded Providers across the country to share their clinic information on our website. We believe it is important to have access to providers focused on nature-based and alternative healing practices.  These providers are not part of, nor endorsed by Freedom Healthcare, so please use due-diligence when choosing a provider for your care. Please contact them through their information provided and share your provider feedback with us!

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate provider with Freedom Healthcare?  Let us know with our contact form and we will provide more information.

Location: Mt Pleasant, SC

Fully Functional Medicine FxMed) specializing in hormone balance (THYROID) and chronic Lyme disease, mold illness and autoimmune disorders. Other focus is on COVID related illness (acute, LongC and Vaxx injury). Two centers in SC (Myrtle Beach area and Charleston area) Also very large virtual presence in NC and all 50-states.

Dr. Saleeby works very close with FLCCC on curation of protocols and lecturing for that organization.

Dr. Saleeby also has an academic arm of the practice PHA for teaching other clinicians rFxMed and COVID/LYME diagnostics and therapeutics.

Location: Southampton, MA

Remembering What Matters Most offers education, inspiration and support that honors your innate wisdom to heal, take better care of yourself and live a life based on what matters most to you.

Location: Chicago, IL

Telemedicine Service serving in 30 states. We offer Functional Medicine, Primary Care and Urgent Care Services at affordable pricing.

Location: Grand Blanc, MI

Michigan Neurosurgical Institute is a nationally recognized neurosurgical practice dedicated to caring for patients with a wide range of brain, nerve, and spinal conditions, with a special emphasis on spine treatments to relieve pain.

Location: Dufur, OR

AzureWell stands as a symbol of purity and integrity, offering a wide range of products that nurture vitality and well-being. Their commitment to science, nature, and toxin-free wellness distinguishes AzureWell in the industry.


Location: Dufur, OR

Azure Standard is a family owned and independent company dedicated to providing carefully chosen, affordable organic, natural and non-GMO groceries, health, household and garden products.

Location: Grand Blanc, MI

The Body is an association of practitioners who believe that nourishing the spirit of the individual is the beginning of healthcare. The Body provides their members with education to discover the root cause of their healthcare challenges and guidance on how to restore mind-body wellness.

Location: Murfreesboro, TN

At Boro Holistic Health, their mission is to uncover the root causes of health concerns using non-invasive measures while educating patients on holistic living: nutritionally, environmentally, and spiritually. Their clinic offers a range of modalities including Bioenergetic Testing, Colon Hydrotherapy, IV Therapy, and Thermography. 

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