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Did you know that our body runs on frequencies, whether “in tune” for health and wellness, or “out of tune” which results in disease?

You can now bring healing with frequency to your life on a daily basis. 

THE AO SCAN by Solex.


AO Scan Technology by Solex™ is an elegant, yet simply designed technology inspired by discoveries from Tesla, Einstein, and many other renowned scientists. It is designed to communicate with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals.

Solex has compiled a database of over 120,000 unique Blueprint Frequencies, and developed a hand-held technology that allows you to compare your personal frequencies with these Blueprints to guide you toward homeostasis – the body’s natural state of balance.

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Parents, this is a MUST HAVE book for your young children. Not only is it exquisitely illustrated, but it helps kids feel good about themselves, exactly the way God made them! Contribute copies to your K-4th school library and give it your kids’ teachers as well. Present them as gifts to your friends’ children!

“Good Job, Body!”

Welcome to our Freedom Healthcare Affiliate Products page! We are partnering with companies and products that we feel are naturally health-focused and strive to provide quality products. From supplements, vitamins, health food and technology products, we will provide to our Freedom Healthcare member and our global audience items that may support a healthier lifestyle.

Please click on the affiliate link to reach their website and peruse their products. Our Freedom Healthcare members may also be able to gain additional discounts on these products! To become a Freedom Healthcare member, click HERE

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Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

Made From Delicious, Organically Grown Apples, Bragg® Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the Original Wellness Elixir – Shop Now!

Bragg Nutritional Yeast

Shop Our Nutritional Yeast-Known For its Cheese-Like Taste, This Savory Seasoning is a Perfect Vegan Substitute

Bragg Liquid Aminos

Bragg® Liquid Aminos is an umami-packed, gluten-free liquid seasoning made from non-GMO verified soybeans. It delivers essential amino acids and is a perfect alternative to soy sauce – Buy Now!

Indigo Wild Zum Bar

Get tickled pink with the tingle-inducing citrus that bites back in bitter and sweet. Tightens and tones skin, while stimulation and lifting your mood.

Bragg Inner Glow

NEW Inner Glow ACV Supplement – each serving helps skin lock in moisture and smooth fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful glow!

Bragg Daily Balance

NEW Daily Balance ACV Supplement – Supports your body’s natural ability to manage everyday

Bragg Turmeric Curcumin

NEW Turmeric Curcumin – helps support a healthy inflammatory response and joint function!

Bragg Organic Multivitamin

NEW Organic Multivitamin – derived from real, organically grown fruit, vegetables, and herbs just the way nature intended!

TRP The Relief Product
RedEye Relief®

RedEye Relief™ Eye Drops RedEye Relief™ Sterile Eye Drops is a homeopathic product which provides temporary relief from symptoms such as burning, stinging, itching, watering eyes, redness, and dry eyes. RedEye Relief™ Eye Drops are safe and gentle to use, with no known side effects, interactions with other medications, or contraindications.

Desert Essence Organic Coconut, Jojoba and Coffee Oil

Beauty-awakening blend of Organic Coconut, Jojoba and Coffee Oils. Fast-absorbing formula softens, tones and invigorates body, face and scalp.

Life Extension PalmettoGuard® Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root and Beta-Sitosterol

PalmettoGuard® Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root and Beta-Sitosterol supports a healthy prostate by combining saw palmetto extract with beta-sitosterol, nettle root extract, boron and rosemary.

Life Extension Decaffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract

Our Decaffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract provides more of the health-promoting polyphenol EGCG than the equivalent of several cups of green tea, without the caffeine.

Life Extension GEROPROTECT® Stem Cell

GEROPROTECT® Stem Cell uses three plant-based nutrients identified by artificial intelligence to support a healthy balance of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation for optimum cell health and longevity.

Orgain Organic Nutrition Shake

Delicious meets nutritious in our flagship All-in-One Organic Nutrition Shakes. Packed with 16g of organic, grass fed protein, 20-21 vitamins & minerals, and organic fruits & veggies, these shakes deliver the nutrition your body craves, and the flavor your taste buds swoon for. Whether you’re a busy professional, parent, or athlete, enjoy these nutrition shakes as a wholesome snack or a meal replacement shake. Nutrition made easy.

Give-A-Derm Nourish

The luxurious crescendo to our Facial Edition System is filled with extravagant ingredients such as gold, frankincense, and platinum which target your skin’s need for renewal and protection.  Nourish seals the deal with its ability to lock in all of the hydrating and restorative properties of the previous Facial Edition steps.  With Nourish, the investment in your skin is secure.

Give-A-Derm The Lotion

Our nutrient rich blend of aloe, honey, turmeric, and saffron feeds the skin – reducing dryness and irritation.  It’s immense anti-inflammatory properties can soothe, regenerate, and repair without a sticky, greasy residue.  Don’t set sail without this one!  You will want one for every room in the house, the car… and the boat, too!

Give-A-Derm The Bar Soap

The gentle, yet powerful experience of this cleansing bar is unsurpassed.  The potent ingredients have antibacterial properties which produce a sudsy lather that creates an incredibly clean feeling without stripping the skin of moisture.  It’s time to be confidently clean from head to toe or “cheek to cheek”.  Strong enough for the manliest of men, delightful for the most discerning of women, and gentle enough for the tiniest of little ones!  

Give-A-Derm Clay Cleanser

This First Step prepares your face to feel clean and fresh without stripping your skin of natural and beneficial oils… Cue the ultimate prepper!Facial Edition System Step One is where luxury meets functionality.  We use mint to relax and open the pores while our proprietary clay blend acts like a magnet for toxins, impurities, and residual chemicals from topical and environmental exposures.  This product leaves your skin feeling tingly fresh, nourished, and ready to receive all the benefits of Step 2 of the Facial Edition System: Vitamin C Serum. 

9 Step Body Cleanse Kit | Ultimate Full-Body Cleanse
Balance Of Nature Fruits & Veggies

A Proprietary Blend of 16 Whole Fruits & 15 Whole Vegetables

Balance Of Nature Fiber & Spice

A Proprietary Blend of Fiber & 12 Spices for Digestive Health

Dr. Tom Cowan Hibiscus Concentrate

Hibiscus extracts have two main effects. First, they support healthy formation of the small blood vessels, which is particularly important for those people with small-vessel disease from diabetes. Second, hibiscus extracts support normal blood pressure in those with hypertension.

Dr. Tom Cowan Strophanthus Seed Extract

The extracts we provide are made from wild-harvested strophanthus seeds obtained from the Cameroon. One is a powder inside capsules and one is a liquid.

Raw Revelations Adrenal Stress Ease

A premier adrenal and thyroid support formula.  Designed to modulate, balance, nourish, and protect your sensitive endocrine system from the extreme stresses we face in our modern world.

Global Healing Pure Plant Protein

Getting enough protein has never been easier — and tastier! Our deliciously smooth protein blends are available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unflavored & Unsweetened. For effortless nutrition we’ve added enzymes and probiotics to help you easily digest and absorb your protein. Pure Plant Protein is always made with love and pure ingredients — never dairy, gluten, soy, stevia, or added sugars.

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