CANCER PEP “Patient Empowerment Program”

What do you need to do to give yourself the best chance of recovery from cancer? How can you strengthen your body and boost your immune system to get through treatment more easily? How can you increase your energy, think more clearly, and feel better emotionally?

The answer is Cancer PEP, a comprehensive daily home-based six-month Patient Empowerment Program offered by an Oncologist and a Psychology Professor Scientist, a husband-and-wife team with over 25 years of experience and based on their research and empowerment science.

Freedom Healthcare is collaborating with CancerPEP to offer this program to our Members, as we believe all aspects of well-being must be addressed and come to a place of real recovery. CancerPEP is offering this program at a significant discount.

For Freedom Healthcare Members, the cost is just $1.00 a day for the program, a savings of over 50%! $180 for the six-month program.

Program overview:
For 26 weeks, you will receive a daily email and short PEP video from Drs. Ilie and Dr. Rutledge, which teaches, encourages, and demonstrates home-based health-promoting activities:

  1. Aerobic exercise and strength training demonstrated via video.
  2. Anti-Cancer Dietary Guidance with Step-by-Step Cooking Videos
  3. Relaxation / stress reduction techniques
  4. Healthy habit formation (e.g., eliminate Sedentary behaviors, better night Sleep, Time-restricted eating, etc.)
  5. Practical tools to building Stronger Relationships and Deeper Connections with loved ones.

The program also includes LIVE monthly video conferences with Drs. Ilie and Rutledge, an optional private Facebook group ran by Drs. Ilie and Rutledge, and an optional ongoing PEP ‘Buddy’ system. Pioneered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this program stands as the world’s first evidence-based initiative of its kind.

CancerPEP is designed to be highly beneficial for individuals seeking cancer prevention, those currently scheduled for, undergoing, or recovering from any type or stage of cancer treatment, as well as individuals in the follow-up phase of their cancer journey. Family members and loved ones are encouraged to join along. CancerPEP offers an excellent opportunity to actively participate in cancer prevention while embracing healthy habits and behaviors supported by scientific evidence to reduce the risk of cancer. We look forward to having you join us in this transformative healing program!

Freedom Healthcare Members get a discount for their Cancer PEP purchase.  Check out all the additional Member benefits too.

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