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Wellness Wednesday with Wendi - Whole 30

Whole 30

The Whole 30 diet is a one month strategy for re-establishing order in your body by eating foods that are unprocessed and less harmful. The goal is to cultivate opportunities for the body to heal and restore AND to identify foods that may be contributing to health issues or general discomfort. It is also a wonderful way to create new habits and assess one’s relationship with food.

The program is very specific. It is a two phase process beginning with the removal of and then the reintroduction of particular foods. While it is not restrictive in calories, macro nutrients or portions, in order to enjoy the benefits it is necessary to adhere to the guidelines and stay away from dairy, grains, legumes, added sugars, and alcohol, to name a few.

Removing these ingredients from the diet has well researched purpose. Each category of food eliminated carries the potential for being an irritant or is inflammatory to some degree, which hinders the body’s ability to function optimally.

There are some similarities between Whole 30 and Paleo but what makes the Whole 30 a good transition strategy is the short time frame of 30 days. Our current human condition is avoidant of long term commitments when it comes to food, so a one month program seems to be more doable. This, however, is also one of the downfalls of the strategy IF the mindset around the program is not healthy. Anyone can do 30 days of anything but if day 31 becomes a celebratory day, feasting as our American Culture does, 24 hours can quickly undo what 30 days has accomplished.

The other caveat to this strategy is the sustainability. As I commonly say, IF it is not sustainable, it is not a true solution. And because much of the food that is removed is difficult to avoid long term, Whole 30 typically is ONLY 30.

Now, when this strategy is adhered to the benefits are extensive and noteworthy. People experience a reduction in weight, allergies, inflammation, blood pressure, and brain fog. They also notice more energy, better sleep, and better mood.

One of the gifts of this program is the awareness. Most people are simply unaware of how much food is contributing to how they feel overall. Thirty days of revelatory moments are invaluable and can positively influence a greater resolve to implementing better food choices long term. Once you know what feeling amazing feels like, maintaining that becomes priority, and leaving certain things on the shelf hardly feels sacrificial.

Prayer: Father, your word indicates that the sanctification process is a process of becoming whole. We know this means our spirit, our soul, our mind, and our body and our desire is to be in alignment with this process according to your design. Thank you for creating foods that were intended to establish wholeness in our body and mind. We repent for glorifying food that man has created and worshipping it as an idol to bring us comfort and soothe pain. We ask that your Holy Spirit reestablish our taste buds to crave what you intended for us. We want to taste and see your goodness in every aspect of our life including the food we choose to feed ourselves, our families, and our friends. Thank you for the opportunity to be one with you and see our bodies as a temple hosting your presence. We pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


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