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Wellness Wednesday with Wendi - Quantum Wellness Series

Written on the Water

On a more superficial basis, we understand that water should be purified and filtered as best as possible for health but on the quantum level, scientists have found that water is also a carrier information and memories. So filtration takes on a whole new meaning

Through extensive research, scientists have observed that water molecules have the ability to retain and transfer data. This means that the water in our bodies, as well as the water in our environment, stores information. It’s like a hidden code that holds secrets and experiences.

Masaru Emoto, a doctor of alternative medicine and first of all, a scientist with an open mind, has carried out worldwide water research and how it affects us, humans and our environment. Dr Emoto discovered our thoughts and emotions have an effect on the molecular structure of water and have unique magnetic codes, which can interact with water; according to Dr. Emoto and water has a memory far longer than our transient lifetimes. The behavior of this memory can be compared to a CD storing digital data or magnetic tape. Jacques Benveniste (1935 – 2004), a French immunologist discovered that water holds a “memory”, and is able to digitally record and then digitally re-write other water, even when the substance or influence has been removed from it. Today, many scholars admit that water is an amazing substance capable of the efficient gathering of information from all things as soon as it comes in contact with them. This has both positive and negative implications. Not only does water bring with it information
gathered from nature but also information of chemicals that remain in our water supply like birth control pills, prescription drugs.

Our bodies are full of water and so if we apply this learning to the effect trauma has we can presume that information is held as memory in the structured water within us. That would be overwhelming to process if we don’t apply this same learning and knowledge to the opposite. Knowing that water memory can be rewritten and our prayers, declarations and intentional commitment to speak only hope and health over ourselves as well as focus on what is good and loving, we can and will create a new signature memory on our body of water.
The next time you find yourself pondering anything that is not lovely, pure and good, remember that you are imprinting on the water of your body information that then proceeds to inform the state of your health.
If there is anything I have learned through my studies in Quantum Biology, it’s that the things that are started the smallest have the biggest outcome. Do not despise the smallest of beginnings.

Prayer :
Father, thank you for revelation after revelation. Forgive us for speaking over ourselves or others anything that is contrary to your Holy Spirit. We now know that our thoughts and words are data that are written on the water. We desire to steward this well and ask that you help us to remain steadfast in watching over the gates of our lips, diligent to consider each and every word that leaves our tongue for we know, and your word confirms, it has within it the power of life and death. We pray this in your precious name, Jesus. Amen

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