Welcome to our Provider Referral Page! As we raise donations to build out Freedom Healthcare across America, from telehealth to clinics, micro-hospital, and educational centers, we want to provide like-minded practitioners across the states right now.

These practitioners are not designated Freedom Healthcare clinics under our private healthcare ministry umbrella and it is up to you to contact and make the decision if the provider is right for you. We have allowed these providers to be listed because of their focus on nature-based options and a more holistic approach to healthcare.

When you contact one of these practitioners and become a patient, please let us know how your interaction and service was with this provider. In the meantime, please join our Membership and gain access to more products, information, updates, and access to our healthcare services.

We are a non-profit healthcare ministry and exist on your donations to launch each phase of Freedom Healthcare and administrative oversight. Please take a moment to contribute a one-time or reoccurring donation. We greatly appreciate your support of our organization!!

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